Water's Edge in Revere, MA Review

Water's Edge Luxury Waterfront Apartments - Revere, MA

Carabetta Management Company

RegEx Tutorial Reference

Found these page very useful in my regular expression fun:

Spring is Coming!

Yes, spring is coming.  The time for planning big deck parties is now.  However I first need to clean house.  In the literal sense and in most others.  Toss the crap I no l

Outlook says I'm late... very late.

Late Outlook Reminder

I was working with Outlook on my laptop with Entourage/iCal on a Mac and sync'ing items back and forth.  Somehow the reminder attached got triggered.  Apparently I'm REALLY late.&nbs

Power of Twitter!

Even I doubted the power and usefulness of some social media like Twitter.  Now there have been two examples of how Twitter has connected HubSpot with other elite Twitterphiles.  The resu


Twitter... Yes, I joined

I have always been a bit hesitant when it comes to social media.  Perhaps I have a slightly jaded view given the ease of identity theft using information garnered from publicly available

Vegas Baby

I had never been to Vegas.  Thanks to someone special winning airfare and lodging, I finally got to go. 

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